Back to School – In Studio 2017


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Its not your fault. You did your best. It seems like its what were suppose to do right?? I mean school photos are a right of passage!! I am here to give you PERMISSION to KNOCK THAT $h!t out!




Just say no to digitally enhanced, fake smiling, and rather expensive ordeals where our children sent off in the morning looking pretty and perfect, but from then to that stool they all file in and out of, and though our teachers do the best they can, almost every year we are disappointed!

So for the 6th year now in a row, we are offering our super sweet classic, vintage back to school sessions so you can rest easy and mark these days that fly by.








When:  October 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th <— 29th, only a few openings).

I have decided to do them a little later in the season this year due to VERY HIGH DEMAND after some of you STILL try those school ones ;)

Dont worry guuuuuurl, I’m here for ya!

Where: The sessions will be done at the Cloverdale Studio. Location will be sent with invoice.




All sessions include: A full gallery of the best photos and your choice of a minimum of 5 professionally edited, high resolution digital photos in an online downloadable gallery. All full resolution photos delivered via email for instant download, sharing options on all social media sites, custom links for easy emailing, affordable printing options, and safe online storage for up to 10 years, as well as a free app for your smart phone where you can show off your gallery anywhere you are!

Cost: $125 for each session slot. *SIBLING DEAL* you MAY add a sibling $25 each, up to 3 kids per session. If you have more than 3 kids please book 2 sessions and there will be no charged for your 4th child. (that’s right, buy 3, get 1 free! LOL (sorry could not help myself) If you have 4 or more kids you deserve a little break and a big hug of wine every day for a job well done! (this is for immediate SIBLINGS only)

EACH EXTRA SIBLING fee will add 1 extra photo.

How to book:

To book please send a email with the following info copy and pasted!!

Please include the following in your email:
Preferred date:
Preferred time:
Number of Children:
Ages of Children:
Contact Phone number:
Would you Like a Sneak Peek on Facebook posted?




Disclaimer- “Mini Sessions” are in no way guaranteed. Parents are under order to come with a realistic attitude! Kids are kids. And these are “mini” sessions. Lisa makes every effort to work with your family and kids, but she can not be responsible for members who are over come with smiles and giggles…. as well as those who (might) not cooperate/smilie for photos. This includes fussy babies, toddlers who will not pose, teens who are stinky and miserable husbands ;) (bring treats and bribes, the husbands love fruit snacks too!) Also be prepared for a LOT of laughing and obnoxious silly faces, Lisa has no shame! PLEASE DO NOT give your kids “treats and bribes” prior to the session, these are magic weapons and to be used when necessary! Please just keep this in mind when you are booking mini sessions. I have never had a mini session that was not complete and don’t plan on it now, but things can happen :)


All finished photos will receive editing, but not retouching or extreme measures such as “swapping heads” and removing large skin issues ;), please make sure your kids are TATTOO free (big pet peeve lol) Please also note anyone saying, “oh but you can just photoshop that right?” will get a pinch in the patootie :D

ALSO mini session can run a little behind at times, if you are waiting for your session to start please be patient and do not interrupt the current session, we are all moms and dads and know sometimes other little ones need a little extra few mins at times and no one wants any kids to be left out. Thank-you for your understanding.

If your child is facing any challenges or concerns we should be aware of, if there is special needs that we can accommodate or any restrictions due to disabilities, please contact us with your concerns. We want to make sure that all kids who want to come out are welcomed with open arms!











Lisa Marie