Back to School in the Apple Orchard 2017

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Welcome back to our 7th annual Back to School sessions in the Apple Orchard at the historical stewart farm house!

Its true, you could do back to school photos at school…..


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© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s

© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s


Most of you know the drill, but for those who dont, this is the best new tradition you could start! Come meet me at the apple orchard with your little ones, and get the back to school photos that you know will not just turn out, but be some of the cutest and timeless photos on your wall :)

Each session includes many poses, playful and traditional. Plus an optional headshot against the historical barn walls. 



In order to try and help out all you vacationers, I have chosen 3 separate days to choose from!

August 19th 10am-3pm

August 23rd 4-7pm

August 27th from 10am-3pm.


© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s

© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s



$125 each session.

*SIBLING DEAL* you can add a sibling at $25 each. Up to 3 kids per session. If you have more than 3 kids please book 2 sessions and there will be no charged for your 4th child. (that’s right, buy 3 for one free! LOL (sorry could not help myself) If you have 4 or more kids you deserve a little break and a big hug of wine every day for a job well done! (this is for immediate SIBLINGS only), EACH EXTRA SIBLING will add 1 extra photo.


PLEASE bring a $2 donation for each child, this will go to the Historical Farm House who generously allows us to use this amazing property!

If you do arrive early to be respectful of the clients in session. Kids can be distracted or embarrassed quite easily by on lookers and other children. So a mindful distance is appreciated :)


© #lisamarie_photography


Headshot’s included on request :)



Back to school attire is up to you moms and dads :) School uniforms are welcome, or favorite back to school outfits!

We recommend that you stay away from bright florescent tops, character clothing, and logos.

*note*: Please make sure you bring a activity like colouring or a game, as well as water and some non-sticky snacks. Sessions can run behind from time to time, and we want you to be prepared :) Please read the disclaimer below for more ways to help prep for your session!


© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s

© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s


What you receive:

A full gallery of the best photos and your choice of a minimum of 5 professionally edited high resolution digital photos in an online downloadable gallery. (Plus sibling extras) All full resolution photos delivered via email for instant download, sharing options on all social media sites, custom links for easy emailing, affordable printing options, and safe online storage for up to 10 years, as well as a free app for your smart phone where you can show off your gallery anywhere you are!You will have the option when speaking with Lisa to purchase more then 3 images. Prices will determine by how any you choose.



Age Recommendation:

Recommended sitting to 12. Unless older siblings can hold younger babies.

Session Location:

Historical Stewart Farm House, in the apple orchard.



Book with a Friend BONUS!!

We often get asked to book cousins and friends together or back to back sessions. And this is something we love accommodating! It does give you more time and I dont mind squishing in friends and cousins together if time permits, so this summer if you book two sessions, back to back, you will get $50 ($25 each) off your session fee!



© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s

© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s


***BOOK 2, 3, or all MINIS IN AUGUST BONUS***

Cant choose??? I dont blame you. Lots of you will return for Back to School sessions, and I want to honour you! If you are going to book more then one of the August Mini’s (Back to School, Firefly, Huck Finn, or Watermelon Mini’s, then I have to help make it easier right!!

Book and pay for 2 summer sessions, and get $50 off the total. Book and pay for 3 August sessions and get the 4th FREE (this free session can be any of the summer ones, B2S orchard or studio, or used for Halloween mini 2017, Kids only Christmas Mini 2017 (not Santa or family ones) Valentines mini 2018, or Spring mini 2018, Approx $150 value)




It makes your booking process SO much faster and simple :)

Booking Info:

To book please email When booking please (COPY AND PASTE) use the template below in your email as it makes it so much faster to get everyone booked in!

Book Us In: Back to School!

-Preferred date:

-Preferred time:

-Number of Children:

-Ages of Children:

-Contact Phone number for the day of session (cell phone is best):

-Would you Like a Sneak Peek on Facebook posted?

-Would you Like a Sneak Peek on Facebook posted?

-Is Lisa allowed to use your images for future ads or her web site just like this one?

-Is there any special needs or concerns you have re your children that we can assist with?

*And of course, please include any questions you have! *

If the email you are emailing from is not your prefered contact email please indicate your preferred contact email. If you already have a PASS account set up let us know that email address (then all your albums stay together under one account) and we can see your choices once you have picked them.

Please also include a Second date/time option if possible


© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s

© #lisamarie_photography #backtoschool #b2s


Disclaimer- Mini sessions are in no way guaranteed. In a perfect world, this would run perfectly on time, every time and everyones children will be well, happy and do everything we ask of them! But this is not always the case now is it! Not even with your kids right ;) Lisa makes every effort to work with your family and kids, but she can not be responsible for members who are not cooperating/smiling for photos, this includes fussy babies, toddlers who will not pose, teens who are stinky and miserable husbands (bring treats and bribes, the husbands love fruit snacks too!)

PLEASE DO NOT give your kids “treats and bribes” prior to the session, these are magic weapons and to be used when necessary!

DO NOT bring anything with your children that you can NOT take away. If you do not want “Blankie”, or “su-su” or iPads, etc in the photos, then bringing them and allowing them to have them right up to walking in and seeing me and yanking them away, is not a great plan. Bringing things to keep them busy is a great idea, but special comfort items should be avoided, unless you are ok with them in the photos.

You can help make your session more successful by prepping your children before even leaving the house :) For older children, use a point/reward system to earn something awesome after and I can keep that going in the session. For younger children, keep them distracted and happy as that is what my strategy is in the sessions well! (for older kids like mine, they just do what they are told now or else!! lol

You have a lot of power to help in this session way before seeing me! If you would like some more tips, please feel free to ask when you are booking and I am happy to give you a call!

Please just keep this in mind as well as REALITY when you are booking mini sessions. All of the photos here are real kids in a real session, just like yours. But not all kids will do exactly the same thing. I do not force poses or have expectations when any session starts. I work with the children who are in front of me, and adjust my agenda as we go through the session. I want every session to be successful and forcing kids to do anything usually downs work. So try come into every mini session with a open mind and respect who your children are. Take my lead, and try to have some fun with us :)

Please make sure your kids are TATTOO free (big pet peeve lol) Please also note anyone saying, “oh but you can just photoshop that right?” will get a pinch :D ALSO mini session can run a little, (ok, a lot sometimes) behind at times, if you are waiting for your session to start please be patient and do not interrupt the current session, we are all moms and dads and know sometimes other little ones need a little extra few mins at times and no one wants any kids to be left out. Please keep this in mind before you need to be anywhere else!

Thank-you for your understanding.

If your child is facing any challenges or concerns we should be aware of, if there is special needs that we can accommodate or any restrictions due to disabilities, please contact us with your concerns. We want to make sure that all kids who want to come out are welcomed with open arms!







XOXO- Lisa Marie